Rest in Power, Dear Comrade

From BLM Syracuse page (1 of 2)

Since we heard the news a few days ago, I’ve been looking for some words in the silence, for some light in the darkness.

Our comrade Nikeeta Slade gave us and taught us so much, with her sharp mind, her laughter, her bold attacks on systems of power, her heartfelt…

Brilliant as always. But especially poignant to me right now because of the perspective it offers on our city and the question of justice. There's something about this place that somehow smiles and grins and acts like it's too police for straight-up racism, even as all sorts of atrocities, with violent results, go down every day.

In the middle of the very difficult period we’re living in, I haven’t been able to share my article, “Staying in Our Lanes: Desi Childhoods, Gandhi Statues, and the Hard Work of Solidarity,” published over a month ago.

Here’s the link, with some comments to follow.

As some of you…

Pranav Jani

Associate Professor of English (Postcolonial & Critical Ethnic Studies), The Ohio State University. He/him. Opinions are my own. @redguju

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